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Minecraft Youtubers: Noochm sketches, or some of them. No, seriously I was like: “Ah let’s go draw him like a legit robot, It’s not going be that hard IS JUST A ROBOT. - 5 attempts to draw a good damn robot - f*k this let’s humanise him. + Bonus (the chibis is always a cute bonus yuup)))) sorru about the bunnies …. 

I can’t even comprehend how awesome this is…..

First off, let’s just take a second to appreciate green-spy's impressive art style. While many of these sketches are rough and unfinished, they're quite detailed and manage to portray how much effort has gone into their creation. Don't even get me started on the coloring!

It looks like these sketches of NoochM jumped straight out of a comic book! Very impressive fan art ;)

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